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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Super HOT!

Have you heard of old wives' myth of bathing your newborn with stout to rid off the heatiness from the body? Lil' missy is born with slightly sensitive and dry skin. So, it is easy for her to have red patches on her especially on the hot weather. And now, with Chinese New Year around the corner, the weather is exceptionally hot! Why, oh why?

Pictures taken on my HOT missy!

Almost undress herself..

Can you see the pool of sweat next to her?
Yes, she sweats that much almost every night!

Upclose of her.. so that missy will know next time,
why mommy insists on short hair for her.. hehe
We bought half a watermelon to quench our thirst and to cool our body a little. For 2 adults, that's a lot! Not sure if this works, but I was told to use watermelon rind to bathe her. To me, it is like putting cucumber on our face like we did for facial. I thought, why not? Let's go natural! Just make sure to remove the flesh entirely or else, ants may be attracted to it! So, did it work? I don't know but lil' missy sure smells nice.

Not so clean watermelon rind for missy's 'spa'.
Read here for more old wives' tales. It's interesting. And no, I didn't bathe lil' missy with stout when she was an infant. Bitter gourd vine, yes. That I must say works.

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