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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Glad when she sleeps..

It is so hard to get her to sleep even at 16mo. Yes, Missy still can't settle herself to sleep on her own. We are at her side at all times we want her to sleep and when she awakes. She will cry if she doesn't see any of us next to her. Only once she occupied herself to ipad when she woke up but it only works once.
Poses for my missy's memory.. we are not exaggerating when we say that her legs could be on our face, her head butting our underarm, chest, head... wherever, turning 360 degree all over the four corners of the bed! Well Missy, we still love to cuddle you just as much as you do.

If we are at our position, her legs would be on hubby's chest
and head will be butting me

Or, rolled close to us.. The pillow is where I sleep
Human bolster. Nothing beats the warmth..

and heartbeat!
Can you see what she's hugging?
it's my leg!

Conked out hugging the pillow

My missy! Hugs
Was feeding her some snacks cos we missed her feeding time..
Only to noticed she is falling asleep!

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