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Thursday, January 19, 2012

What is this?

That is Missy's first sentence at 16mo!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee.. Happy that she is growing well. She will also take our hands and pull to whatever she couldn't do such as opening the cabinet for her. Mmm..somehow the sentence sounds so wrong as if our hands are detachable. Haha, no. Missy knows how to call for our help. She will guide us to whatever help she needs from us.

She has been asking us "watsdissssssss, wastsdis" and point to the object. We couldn't believe it at first but somehow figure that our Missy has really grown. She is learning to communicate and talk. But then, she still refuse to call me "mommy". Hmmph. Still, I love her to bits.

Muaksss, darling Missy.

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