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Friday, February 17, 2012

Thank God!

I think this blog will vanish into thin air soon if I don't log in and just pen up a few updates. Has been super,  duper busy for the past 3 weeks with CNY, MiL got hospitalized, sick big and small baby, searching for a babycenter. Sigh!

Thank God all is over now!

Feb 8, another significant day for lil' Missy. Her first day at the nursery or do you call it a baby center? Whatever it is called, we dumped dropped her there and went to work. We truly count our blessings when we finally realized that there are not many centres who take in 18mo. Most will take in 3yo onwards. When we thought that we had no choice but to end up with to the one and only we found... Ta-da! We found this one! In case you are wondering, babysitter is not my choice as I know the best babysitter in the world personally, so afraid that I will have too high expectation and do not like to many adjustment for lil' missy since I planned to start her off with nursery when she hits 2yo. We almost pleaded the teacher to accept our lil' missy. She just got a newbie baby, and wants him to familiarise first before another one. Lil' missy was at her usual self, nosey and active, walk around and has given the teacher the impression that she is not clingy and manageable. Thank God! Thoiugh I have to take EL on the 2nd day to care for my sick lil' missy. Those tummy flu, gosh, so strong and harmful. Lil' missy does not have much fats in her, not much left over her tiny body with diarrhea and vomit. Heart sank to see her in such stake. Hungry but would vomit all out :(

As of today, she has been there for a whole week! Well, of course she was clingy to certain teachers and helpers there. But both of us can sense that she is no longer our cheerful lil' missy. The moment when we get into the car, she would cling onto me so strongly instead of going towards her car seat. It is just a phase right? And at night, it is even harder to get her to sleep. She will hold onto me so tightly. Maybe she has lost some sense of security. Sorry lil' missy. This is a journey we both need to walk through together. And not to mention that hubby took over the house chores when lil' missy took hostage of me! All of us are adapting.. Thank God that we have Him to count on in all our circumstances. Praying that weeks ahead will be easier..

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  1. Wah.. didn't know you've been having a challenging time recently! Glad lil' missy is ok now :) Parenthood is a journey full of surprises but fulfilling at the same time. God bless!