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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Employer from Hell

I am one, I believe. At least to my maid! Sometimes Most of the times I wonder what's really in her mind. She has been with us for almost a year and I still have to keep telling her what to do. Of course, things like sweeping and mopping the floor every day is auto tasks for her. I think that's about it. I have to remind her to wipe after cleaning the tables, clean the sippy cup to sterilize, packets of stored breast milk to MIL's place in the morning (we send our baby to MIL with the maid to babysit her while we are at work), her solids, to clean up the kitchen cabinet especially where the rice cooker is, to put away cleaned and dried utensils.. and many more? Does she expect me to clean up after her all the time? Or am I her PA to remind her all the time? There are times I would remind myself that she has the mind of a maid, meaning with lack of education and hence the brain has somehow stopped progressing! I have given her a schedule in her 1st week on tasks to be done on daily and even woke up with her to ensure things are properly done. It was ok in the beginning and slack after a while, which is expected.

The recent incidents really blew me off! I have given her a notepad to jot down notes since she always says "Aiyo, tak ingat" (aiyo, don't remember). Once or twice is fine but countless times to hear the same statement! For God's sake, that's the very reason you are given the notepad. Grrr... even angrier when I asked her to take out her notes. "Sudah kobek" Torn??!! Though it was not the first time I scolded her (my hubby and I play different role. He's the gentle type and me the fierce one ;p), but she told me for the very first time and say that she wants to tell the agent that she wants to quit and go back. My answer. OK! She cried and cried and cried. It was not the first time she threatened to go back. She said that to MIL and hubby, but never to me whenever I scolded her. Then again, who would want to approach a tigress? I came out from her room and went back in 5 mins later to sort of made amends ;p And as usual, silence. And knowing that I wouldn't get anything from her (not even an apology, which she always have reasons for overlooking), I told her that it will be us to dictate the last date.

Sigh, and she did her usual tasks the next morning at our home and in-law's. Then I told my hubby, looks like her threat backfires. If she really wanted to go back, why would she complete the house chores albeit with a black face and only tell me after all the threats to them in the past. We had a hard time getting her medical report to be approved, that is another long story deserving a new post... it's only another year to go and our baby will be old enough to be sent off to nursery. So, I shall be patient. At least, no more broken stuff every month, no missing things, no unexplainable bruises on my baby, no.. no.. no..  Well, we are still thankful in certain ways and unfortunately, until there's lesser 'overlooks and mistakes', she just has to bear with a tigress as her employer for now and me, a helper who is only helpful when she's up to her mood. 

Maid, oh maid.. ..


  1. Hi Amanda, take it easy. Oh yes, repeating surely tests your patience especially since you have to pay for the maid service. Try to be extra-nice to the maid, and see whether this method works ;)

    In the past, I use this trick. All the best, babe!

  2. Thanks, 24yomummy :) She really is testing my patience.. In fact, we were very nice to her and my in-laws even allow her to nap for 2-3 hours a day! Do you believe that? But I think she has stepped overboard at certain stage and there's no turning back once she is used to the ways. I was once gentle and nice to her but there's a limit and she has hit that ;p So, she either show some improvement and sincerety or gotta bear with me. And, we have this year's medical report to worry about. But won't go the thousand extra miles to get her's approved this time. Not approved and off she'll go.. with mixed feelings of course ;)