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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fried onion.. and garlic

Here are pictures of oats porridge I prepared for her. Looks like abc porridge right? It has carrots, spinach, fish and fried onions and of course rolled oats.

I love fried onions and can't resist to put one or two ring into it. I would have gobbled the whole bowl of the fried onion if given the chance.

And since I love garlic too, I have also fed her few times with tiny bit of raw garlic. I would have thought that she would reject them. But she opened her mouth asking for more. So, I put a tiny pinch of chopped garlic into her porridge now when there's vege. Sounds yucky? But I tried them myself and they are yummy. Well, babies have clean palate right? So, let them get used to the taste... Or, maybe it's in her genes to liking garlic and fried onion.

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